About A Motley Of Genres

            As a freelance writer I refuse to be restricted to any particular genre. My goal is to entertain an audience built up of readers with a divergence of interests. Since I enjoy to read many kinds of genres {refusing to stick to only one}, I also enjoy writing about mixtures of characters and events. Whether it’s about a mermaid in a creek or awareness for my autistic brother, there is nothing that will stop me from expressing my roaming ideas and opinions. Not even the galaxy can contain my imagination, so my limits are way beyond the skies. Enjoy all that my blog has to offer. Available for free with Kindle Unlimited subscription, my short story “Exotic Paradise”. Search for it under the title or author name. When you get a chance to read, make sure to leave your reviews. The more I know about my readers the better stories I can create. I’m currently working on my first full-length novel; “Elvira” will be available in E-book stores soon. The prologue to this is available in the menu under suspense or fantasy. If you have any insight on how my writing can enhance, feedback is more than welcomed.  Enjoy your stay and welcome to A Motley of Genres.



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