fantasy, horror, tragic, zombie

The Virus

Traffic was unbelievable this Saturday morning. It seemed as if everyone had somewhere to go. I tried to reach my husband and daughter various times since last night after the medical conference I was attending, abruptly got called off. It was as if every doctor was needed back at their practices, especially in the E.R… Continue reading The Virus

love story, tragic romance

The Closed Door

I flicked through the television sitting on the single leather chair at the foot of my bed. The bed too big for just one, even two. There I have a model fast asleep, her friend besides her. Both women with lacy intimate fabric. The model was my date last night. Another Grammy won. Instead of… Continue reading The Closed Door

fantasy, horror, suspense

Elvira : Prologue

Snow crunched underneath the two pairs of boots leaving tracks behind them in hopes that someone will eventually discover their trail. Nightfall was swiftly approaching, but the men already were loosing sensation of their toes. One man held a broken compass, unknowingly, leading them deeper into the large extents of Black Spruce. The two men… Continue reading Elvira : Prologue


Through the Pain

[**Discretion** First off I would like to report that I do not in any way condone Domestic Violence. ¬†It is stereotypical for¬†a woman to be a¬†victim. Though this is true in most cases, men can also be victims of abusive¬†manipulating¬†partners. I have written a short story about how a man could be a victim to… Continue reading Through the Pain