He was late for work. Grabbing the coffee off the counter, leaving five dollars in change behind he shoves his way out the coffee shop ignoring the scowling faces glancing his way. The meeting is in fifteen minutes and the office is another two blocks away. He made his way through the busy foot traffic, a yellow cab honking at him as he jogged across the street, the Red Apple lively as ever.

He arrived at the revolving doors of the tall building. The young man half walks half runs to the elevators right before the doors closed, the portfolio wedged underneath his armpit slipping. He adjusted it before it headed towards the floor. Then that’s when he sees her. Ebony black hair neatly placed in a bun atop of her head. Secondly, he noticed her perfect rounded breast tucked inside a white button up shirt, a hint of her lacy black bra peeking through. She wore a navy blue blazer and skirt, the length directly below her knees. Black sheered stocking along her long legs and a pair of red stilettos on her feet. The woman sees the tall and handsome man then color rushes to her face, a rosy blush appearing on her cheeks. Flattered, she feels the heat between her legs. Her smile is all she needs to bewitch him. The elevator stops to a haul and without a word she walks out. Her ass in the tight skirt swaying from side to side fallowing the movements of her hips. Quickly he glances up to see the floor number ..FLOOR 8 it reads in bright red and he makes a mental note of it. Twelve floors higher he makes it to the meeting with three minutes to spare.
Throughout the day he continues to stare at his watch every half.hour. Another meeting kept him from lunch unable to look for her then. Frustration? Confusion? Why can’t he stop thinking about that beautiful woman. It wasn’t love. He didn’t believe in that love at first sight shit. He can’t get her off his mind though, what could it be .How hard she had gotten him in a matter of seconds. It was definitely lust and he sure loved lust.

“What the fuck was I thinking?” he mumbled to himself.
The rest of the day had dragged by. Then finally six o’clock came.
She probably already left. Why would she still be in the building? Maybe she doesn’t even work here. This was New York for Gods’ sake. He kept thinking descending back down in the elevator passing the eighth floor, with a sigh.

He arrived down to the lobby and looked outside.
“Shit!” He hissed. Its pouring out. He pulls the jacket of his very pricey black suit and cursed as he ran into the icy showers. Outside he threw a hand up to call out for a cab. As the cab pulls up a woman’s voice shouts over the rain, “Can we share?”

Shock runs through his body as if he’s been shot by a ray of lightning. It was the woman from the elevator.! The same beautiful woman that he sought impossible to forget. Too quickly he nods his head up and down knowing the rain would only muffle his words.The woman smiles and takes a seat as he opens the door for her scooting over to let him in.
“Where to?” asked the cabby. He couldn’t speak. His voice mute as if he forgot every word his mind had ever met. His tongue numb as he watched her say something to the driver. Something he couldn’t make out . His heart started pounding as he came back ,he starts to breath again. Not sure of what just happened the confusion registering across his face. The atmosphere carrying a dizzying vibe through them. In a sweet angelic voice she whispers in his ear an invitation to her home. Her mouth lands on his, stopping any protest that he was attempting to form. She smelled of sweet jasmine and spices of cinnamon and ginger. Her lips were soft and her tongue slithered in his mouth a hint of honey on her breath. His dick got hard under the spell of her kiss. How long had they kissed, only time knew. She payed the cab driver, who watched like a peeping Tom through the rear-view mirror ,envying the young man. Even he was unable to break away from this mystical woman’s charm.

The building was gran, forty Stories high or so who would know. One of the many what New York had to offer skyscrapers.
“Good evening. ” said the man opening the door for the couple as they past. She said nothing .The man feeling a bit uncomfortable acknowledges the doorman with a slight nod. Hand in hand she leads the tall, handsome man towards a elevator which seems to be separate from the other two sets across the way. When the door closes she takes a look at him. He was drenched from head to toes. The water on his head dripping onto the trimmed beard on his flawless face. His dark squared jaw tensed while she stared at him…or through him. He was much taller than she was, almost a foot , although she wore heels. She wrapped his strong arms around her body so his hands settled above her ass. She then held his face in her hands bringing him down to her lips prying them open to let her in. Her kisses bewildered him leaving him wanting for more.

They reached the top floor and stepped into an enormous room. The carpet was black and the room decorated with mostly white furniture. The drapes, a dark wine color , splitting open revealing the horizon of the sun setting. Taking his hand again she brought him further into the penthouse and began to remove his jacket. He was paralyzed again. The air trapped in his throat making it hard to swallow the mixture of their saliva seconds before. She unbuttons his shirt un-tucking it from his trousers peeling it off his shoulders and arms. She looked at him biting her bottom lip.
“We have been wanting a man like you for decays.” she chanted making the hair on the back of his neck to rise. We? DECAYS? Impossible he thought as to this lovely woman couldn’t be older than twenty-five. His tongue was numb, his lips unable to move. She kissed his chest then his stomach. Making rings of fire around his belly button. The fire reaching inside his pants again. The hardness of his strongest muscle working against the fly of his pants. Without bending down keeping her eyes on his she pops open the button and tugs the zipper down. She yanks the wet pants down his undergarments fallowing. She then orders him to remove his shoes. His legs moved kicking off the shoes, only socks on his feet while he stepped out of the pool of clothes that laid there. His mind was cloudy, stunned at the involuntary movements of his own body, but he wasn’t frightened nor wanted to leave. As a matter of fact he wanted  to stay and please this woman. He wanted to make love to her body and wanted her mouth on his.

When he stood back up the woman was gone. Naked in a room that could easily be five times the size of his studio. He began to wonder where she went. A moment later she was back, in her hand she held what appeared to be a long black ribbon.
“Come sit down here.” she cooed with a song-like tone in her voice gesturing to a chair.
Memorized by the moon’s silver light hitting her bronze-golden skin, he walked slowly towards a large white singular chair with long arm rests. Keeping his eyes on her he sat down and allowed her to wrap the over-sized ribbon three times around his head. The thump of his heart  to began drum against his ears. Da dum da dum. His breathing uneasy and ragged. What seemed like an eternity to him, finally he felt the touch he was craving for. Then she stepped in between his legs and dropped to her knees. Her hands on his thighs and she tightened her grip. Before he knew it she consumed him in her mouth. Licking his blessing ,her tongue seeming a bit longer, much softer than any he has ever felt. Her mouth is velvet on his cock. With ease she slid all of his length into her mouth. His hands going the back of her head as her lips barely touched his testicles.

Unexpectedly another pair of lips gently grazed against his neck. He tried to remove the material that served as a blindfold away from his eyes but his hands were glued to the hair his fingers grip. The scent of jasmine and ginger invades his nostrils then that of honey again in his mouth dancing with his tongue. He surrendered himself to her.. or them. He knew he should of been afraid but the vibe surrounding his was of serenity.
The woman on the floor removed his sex out her mouth suckling on it as she went. Swirling her tongue around his head and softly kissing it as her lips left him longing for her. The woman from the elevator walks around and sits on his right thigh , her reflection mimicking her motions and settles herself on his left.

In union the two women remove the black material from the man’s eyes. He blinks as his vision adjusts to the dim lighting. Black, red, and white candles, which he hadn’t notice before, had been flickering small dancing flames burned out its’ scent. The drapes now pulled in .The city’s lights no longer visible. The man looked at the women in front of him. He saw two of her. Only not so much. The women look at each other and smile bearing the white teach contrasting their plum lips. A small child-like giggle they did in unison. The woman from the elevator wore a purple and black high-wasted intimate panty and matching brassiere . Black laced designed stocking pulled over her knees stopping just above , where the seam of her skirt once been. Her shoes were the same purple as the lingerie.and tied up bun now an onyx waterfall. It hung straight down  her back brushing on  his bare thigh. Her sister, with equally long hair, though mane was thick bouncy curls blood red instead of ebony. Her brown nipples visible through the white lace of her bra with red and black threads held it together. As her sister, delicate material also barely covered what little was already not displayed. The white stockings with black lace stopping around the middle of her thighs, a pair of a sexy black shoes on her feet. She stood up first then bent down to meet his gaze. She tilted his head up with fingers under his chin and kissed his lips. His erection not subsiding the urge to please these two beautiful woman at the same time was explosive.

Ebony rises and makes her way to the long couch in front of the fifteen feet high massive windows. Her sister pulling herself away from his mouth she then guiding him to the couch where Ebony awaited them. The man placed his hand on her neck and ran it down the purple and black fabric stopping on her heat. He then continued down her soft thighs onto the nylon on her leg.

Her sister moved the black hair out the way and began undoing the strap on her bra. Ebony let the bra fall to the ground revealing her slightly larger breasts, but the same coffee colored nipples. Dark and handsome walks up to her cupping each breast in his hand. Sucking on one then the other. Another hand massaging his manhood. He imagines the long fingers was Reds’. Her grip tightened as she reached the head of his cock. Then quickly on his shaft stopping to message his testicles.
His hand slid from the soft breasts to her firm ass. His fingers unzipping the back of her bottom as if he knew it was there all along. She squirms out of it so that all she has on is the black stockings and shoes. She sat back down on the couch and Red walked behind her now grabbing her sister’s hair,a makeshift ponytail. The man dropped in between Ebony’s legs and spreading them apart. He began kissing her thigh and then up to her moist center. Her juices tasted sweet like the honey in her mouth. He was sure he was also imagining the trace of ginger on the tip on his nose. She moaned a long exhale. A beautiful sound her moan making his sex twitch wanting to fill her up. Red caressed Ebony’s erected nipples, rubbing one then both in circular motions, blowing on them from above her shoulder. The black-haired woman began to tense as her vagina walls tighened and the juices begin to flow releasing herself on his tongue. Her sister gave Ebony a small peck on the neck. The man sat back on his heels and waited for direction from his owners. Ebony reached down and wiped the excess of her pleasure off his lips, then licked the rest.

“Stand up darling.” Red commanded and he did what he was told without hesitation. Red stood in front of Handsome and brought her hands to his head, bringing him down to meet his lips. His fingers tangled in her soft curls. She kissed rougher than her sister. So much passion, so much fire. He finds the hooks of her bra and yanks it off of her, making her breast bounce before his eyes. Their teeth clash against each other as he tries to taste her fruit through her mouth. He finds a close by wall and pushed her against it, her leg  instantly wrapped above his hip. Her kiss bewildering him making him an uncontrollable animal. He ripped to shreds the delicate sheer panties leaving her pussy nude.

“Sister enough!” Ebony’s stern voice echoed in the room. The burning fire ceased but his dick was now harder than ever.
“Lay on the floor, baby.”she coaxed after rolling her eyes at Ebony. The man lowered himself on to the black thick carpet. The carpet felt like a big furry black cat. Ebony then sat down on his side taking him into her mouth. Making his dick wet with her tongue. Using a similar technique than her sister but instead swirling her tongue around his whole dick. She comes off with a pop as her lips detached and she sat on top of his wood. She began to tease her clit with his hardness making her liquids resurface. She straddled then inserted him deep into her tight ,sweet , wet pussy. Riding his dick up and down and round and round.
Red ,who had been sitting by his head, reached down and began to kiss him. He reached in between her thighs and found the heat that was left by the wall. As soft as her sister had been though he sensed an elevated body temperature. He inserted one then both his index and middle fingers into her. She moaned along her sister throwing her head back. She moved above his head, his fingers leaving her body, so she could sit on his face. Slowly she placed each of her thighs against an ear staring at her Ebony. His mouth was already open ready to taste her ecstasy. Though she wasn’t as sweet as her sister, her flavor was still unlike anything he had ever tasted. Red placed her erected clit on his tongue as she slid up and down his face all the while his cock in and out the black-haired goddess. The women kissed creating their own familiarity . They tasted each other on their tongues. They tasted the man mixed in with their pleasures. Ebony allowed the man to go deep inside her as she cried out her pleasure to him. Singing a song of relief contracting walls as her orgasm spasms and spilled around him. She removed herself from him and stood up a breath-taking grin on her flawless face.

Red bends down ,his tongue working figure eight ’round her clit. She opened her mouth and took him in it. Tasting the pleasure released seconds ago. She licked then gently sucked on his balls. Then took him deep in her throat muffling her moans with his dick. Crawling off his face towards his  feet she placed him inside her drenched warm world.

Ebony then took the place of her sister sitting beside the man’s head. She bent Red over so that she slid up and down rubbing her clitoris on his sacks. Ebony spread Reds cheeks apart then the man’s hands replaced hers. Using his thumb he began to spread Red’s lubrication from her nani onto her black star. She started moving faster up and down on his long hard sex. She backed into his thumb and it slipped with ease into her hole.She got wetter with each thrust of dick and finger filling her.

Ebony whispered something in the man’s ear and with swift movement he removed his thumb, picked up Red and laid her on her back. He settled in between her thick thighs and spread her legs far apart placing one ankle on his shoulder. He pounded into her and started fucking her deep and hard. He invaded her wet soft pussy over and over assaulting her with too much pleasure. Her moans getting louder each time their pelvis met. Her body tensed with the heat of her fire erupting. She dropped her leg but he fucked her through her orgasm finding his own release. His senses becoming numb as he reached his peek spilling himself into the goddess of fire. He cried for mercy to be taken upon him collapsing on the women with the red hair that laid out on the livid fur.

The man awoke, his forearm over his eyes as the rays of the sun invaded the room. His head felt like it had been kicked by a hundred soccer players. The light making it impossible to open his eyes. He sat up in a bed that didn’t belong to him, wearing only his briefs and socks, he rubbed his eyes with the palms of his hands. He squinted repeatedly, the light shooting painful stings into the back of his eyes . When he looks around he was in what it appeared to be an abandoned bedroom. Dust was everywhere, white sheets thrown over the furniture and mirrors in the bedroom he had slept in. Confused, he stumbled off the bed. His clothes were now dried, he dressed in a daze. His jacket and shoes were placed neatly at the foot of the king sized bed. He makes he’s way into the massive room with the black carpet. The carpet from last night had a thick layer of dust and the furniture in there were covered with white sheets as well. The wine curtains no longer existed. The man ran to the elevator and began pushing buttons frantic to get out. Had he imagined it? All of it? How? It seemed so real. It didn’t make sense. How else would he had gotten here? He was panicked that the elevator wouldn’t go down any faster.
He tripped out into the lobby. Which to his relief still looked the same. He hurried over to the receptionist who gazed nervously at the crazed gorgeous man approaching her desk.
“May I help you sir?” She asks with a polite smile.
” I don’t know. I hope so.” he paused trying to recover from the hysteria that was creeping,” Do u know who lives in the penthouse up on the 40th floor?”
“Sir, we have no 40th floor… That would be our rooftop.”she narrowed her eyes, suspicious now.
“Okaaay. So, the floor that THAT elevator there leads to.” He pointed towards the direction he had come from.
The woman looked worried as she followed the man’s pointing finger. When he followed her gaze he inhaled a gush of air through his mouth. Gasping like a fish out of water. “B-b-But..” he began.
“Sir? Are you alright?”. The receptionist felt as if she should call someone…security maybe? Shaking his head frantically, as if to shake the images of the two goddesses out of his head,he had lost his damn mind. As if he had blocks of concrete on his feet he walked out of the building into the buzz of New Yorks’ Saturday morning.

50 years later.

The red braid down her back is the first thing ,twenty-year old, Marcus notices. Her body moving away from the train as it departed. She looked back and saw him staring at her. The tingles in her heat growing as his eyes watched her, she smiled and proceeded to move along disappearing into the swarm of people.

Throughout the day the image of the beautiful stranger never left his head. He hoped to see her again on his way back home, however, what are the chances of that happening during Boston’s five’ o clock rush hour? In an instant, it begins to pour. Marcus dismisses the thought of ever finding the red headed woman again. He flags down a cab that is coming in his direction. As the cab pulls over to the curb he hears a woman’s voice over the rain.
“Can we share?” Red asks with a bewitching smile he finds it absolutely impossible to resist.


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