Kiss of Death

During a late muggy night, two teenage boys slithered out of the cabin they shared with their fellow classmates. Each one held out a flashlight, the dim light danced around as they ran into the woods .Outside the air was thick and muggy, with the humidity level incredibly high.
“I think this is far enough, Caesar.” pausing to catch his breath, then added, “No one is doing runs this late at night.”
Caesar still looked around just in case someone lurked between the trees, he didn’t want to get caught by surprise. Adrenaline accelerated their hearts, as he pulled out a joint and lighter from the pocket of his basketball shorts. “Do you want to light it?” he offered extended his hand towards his best friend, Simone, dropping it in his palm.
Caesar and Simone walked deeper into the woods, smoking the marimba. They thought that they would simply circle around if they got off the trail, but in the pitch black sky and no sense of direction they ended up at a creek neither had seen before. They stared at each other in disbelief at their discovery, craving adventure.
As they walked towards the water Caesar asked, “Do you hear that?” he remained quiet holding up his hand straining his ears as he attentively listened. Before Simone replied, a beautiful melody invaded their heads.
“What is that?” Simone whispered, his glossy eyes bewildered staring back at Caesar, whose expression reflected his own.
“I have no idea, man. But let’s find out.” he skipped over some rocks and strolled towards the creek. The singing voice grew pronounced, what sounded to be miles away moments before was now nearby. The two friends walked onto a pier that led to the murky waters as the mesmerizing voice removed any trace of fear replacing it with pure curiosity.
“This has to be the best thing I have ever smoked ’cause I am on a trip, bro’.” Caesar mused laughing at himself. At the end of the pier they found a row boat, without a debating conscious the two leaped into the boat, the trance held on to them as they untangled the knotted rope from the post and paddled off towards the moonlight.
The majestic creature sung her deadly tune pulling the boat across the body of water, away from a safe haven. A sandy beach approached, massive cliffs surrounding the oasis when all of a sudden, the voice stopped and they blinked their eyes. Confusion washed over them as they realized where they were, having no memory of getting there. They stopped rowing and looked at each other panic paralyzing their limbs.
The boat gently rocked over the calm waters, when something underneath the water bumped its’ bow. “What the hell it that?” Caesar stammered.
“I-I don’ t know.” his friend stuttered, unable to disguise the fright in his tone.
Again there was another bump, this one a bit harder than the last. Simone slowly peered into the inky water. He was staring for a minute then, without warning she emerged from the depths. He jumped back so hard almost making them both go over.
“What? Wh-what did you see? What was it?” Caesar demanded, gripping on to Simone’s shoulders shaking him out of shock.
“I-I don’t know man. I’m never doing drugs again, I swear.” he cried, snatching the paddle he frantically began to row back to the creek. As Caesar grabbed the other paddle with a trembling hand they heard it again. An enchanting song that made them feel at ease abolishing any other emotion they had seconds before. Once more, Simone looked over the side of the boat, now he was mellow instead of anxious. Caesar joined him and with peaceful smiles set on their faces, they blindly glared at the astonishing features of the loveliest girl they had ever seen. Her caramel hair poured behind her floating in the water lifting her hands to him. She had fins on her elbows and another on the sides of her smallest fingers.
She continued to sing to them and another exquisite female appeared besides the first. Her brilliant smile made it hard for the adolescents to breath. She too extended her hands upwards towards the boys. Caesar and Simone leaned into the water as the girls lifted their upper bodies revealing two sets of bare breast sending their heads into swirls.
Caesar felt the silky hands caress his face and he shut his eyes melting in her touch. Simone heard a chime of laughter escaping the lips of the other female with golden locks glistening under the stars. It was unlike anything he had ever heard. Lost in her emerald eyes he continued to lean into her until their lips touched, at the exact moment that Caesar tasted cool luscious lips as well and with that the boat gave in and tilted over.
They thrashed in the water kicking and splashing trying to pull up for air. The onyx water was impossible to look through and the grip around their necks never loosened as the air escaped their lungs and consciousness crept away.

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