fantasy, horror, suspense

Elvira : Prologue

Snow crunched underneath the two pairs of boots leaving tracks behind them in hopes that someone will eventually discover their trail. Nightfall was swiftly approaching, but the men already were loosing sensation of their toes. One man held a broken compass, unknowingly, leading them deeper into the large extents of Black Spruce. The two men began their trip, what was supposed to be only a half-day’s journey, yesterday at dawn. They appeared to be your average hikers, good friends who never turned down an adventurous scout. The men carried loaded back-backs stored with food, shelter, water, flares and even radios. An innovated survival kit. Dressed with multiple layers of clothing and coats shielding most of their face against the declining temperature, they pushed themselves further. Despite being well-prepared, the exposure to extreme artic temperature would most likely kill them first. Approaching almost thirty-six hours in the wilderness the men were desperate for warmth.
“A-a-are you sure we are go-oing the right way, Eloy?” the young muscular man who wasn’t navigating, stammered in an English thick with French accent. His question being muffled by the wool scarf over his mouth. His deep chocolate eyes squinted as a gush of wind howled through the trees.
“HONE-ESTLY…. I DO-O-N’T KNOW.” the other man, much thinner than his friend, shouted over his shoulder. His English some-what clearer, though French clearly his first tongue. In his head he was regretting the whole trip, cussing because of how damn cold it was. He Imagined the warmth of hot coffee he no longer was entitled too. “MAYBE-EE WE SHO-O-ULD SETTLE HERE!”
The muscular one hesitated wanting to argue about the possible predators that might be lurking around, but he was exhausted, hungry and weak so he agreed to set up camp. Grateful for the small patch of land, the tent would fit perfectly. They put it up in no time, finishing right before the day’s light completely seized. The two men went inside and settled in immediately. It was impossible to relax but soon after, they drifted off with bodies to drain to fight the relief that sleep brought to them.

His brown eyes abruptly shot opened, the violent shivers his body failed to control awakened him. Looking over at his friend who appeared to be in the same state ,made him quiver more. Outside seemed eerie, too quiet, though the wind still shook the tent it gave him an unease feeling in the pit of his stomach. His concerns for any possible threats that might attack due to territory, particularly wolves, made it difficult to even consider sleep again. He fought to even out his breaths to quit his teeth from shattering so loudly so he could listen. Maybe I should awaken him he thought while debating to do a quick perimeter check, but he opted to let Eloy get as much rest as he possibly could. So with the decision being final, he unzipped the sleeping bag crawling out of it then through the small entrance of his only shelter never expecting that death would awaited him…

“AAGGGHHHH.” Moments later the agonizing scream interrupted the snooze of the man who still laid in his sleeping sack. He jumped out of it disoriented looking over at his friend’s empty makeshift bed. He removed one of his gloves reaching for something tucked underneath his pillow before tripping out of the tent preparing his search.
“FRAAANC!” Eloy shouted looking frantically in the pitch night. He brought a flashlight carried in the tight grip of his ungloved hand it gave off little illumination against the thick-reddish bark all around him. “FRAAAANC.” he called out again his blue lips trembling with now added-on fear.
“WHERE HAVE YOU-” Behind him, a thunderous sound of a thick branch impacting the frozen ground from twenty feet above, terrorized him making him jump up into space landing hard on his ass. “Shit!” he hissed dropping the flashlight a couple feet away. Quickly he scurried over to where the dim light glistened over the crystalized snow. His hands dragged over snow as he went, his breathing becoming hard and uneven, perspiration forming over his thickened brow. Snatching the flashlight off the ground he scrambles up to his feet at once gripping it so tight, making his knuckles whitened. Another branch falls some meters away, this time he manages not to knock himself down retreating a step back instead.
“HELLLOOOO!!!! GET OUT OF HERE.” He shouts…”AHHHH!!!” Hollering into the night in an attempt to startle away whatever lingered in the trees not sure of what kind of creature would have the ability to break off branches so high up. Perhaps it’s a bear he imagined, but he doubted one would be able to move so silently. Not a single sound being made apart from the landing heavy wood. All of a sudden he realized how sticky the hand holding on to the flashlight felt. The gloved hand was at his mouth and he jerked the remaining glove off with his teeth biting hard to stop his clattering teeth, he shines the light to inspect whatever was on his other hand. A mixture of melted snow and blood dripped from the tips of his finger, in that moment he felt a completely different kind of chill run up his spine setting the hairs behind his neck on splitting ends.
“What the hell… What the hell…” he mutters under his breath, the glove fell by his feet as his body tensed at the thought of his friend possible death.

Flashing the light towards the ground, he looked for any red that stained the snow, finding the fresh trail a second later. Slowly, cautious of making any noise, only the crunch of snow with each step he took was heard while he followed the smears of blood looking as if the body had been dragged. CRINCH CRINCH CRINCH… the smears stopped abruptly in front of a tree, he searched the surroundings stunned at the dead-end trail. He backed away suddenly ready to sprint back to the tent when he heard another thump. This one sounded lighter than the last, even though it had also been dropped from a significant height. He turned expecting to see the third branch, but instantly dropping to his knees instead at the sight of what clearly was not part of a tree as he had thought. His hands flew to his mouth muffling a scream, mortified by Franc’s lifeless body, his chocolate eyes glaring into the blanket of the starless night. Eloy dragged his body over to Franc, before he knew it an angel appeared right before his eyes. His death must of came quick. She was too perfect for reality, displaying the most exquisite face, perfect spirals of darkened curls hanging long down her back. The violet dress sparkled in the moon light. Strange he thought as he realized she was missing her wings, even stranger that he would notice that detail being dead and all. Just then, he gasped a breath of icy air registering the piercing ruby eyes on her face. She pulled her lips back in a vicious snarl baring her white teeth, two razor-sharp fangs fairly pronounced. His heart raced and his body was paralyzed while she glared at him cocking her head to the side savoring the scent of fresh blood in the air. In an instant he made his move to stand and run, but before his feet managed to find the steady ground to give his body enough balance giving him the opportunity to stumble away, she gracefully leaped into the air crushing his body with hers and the hard ground. All air escaping his lungs, his face smothered into the frozen snow. A small attempt to yell instantly failing as she deeply sunk her fangs straight into the artery on his frail neck. She drank from a faucet that poured his hot thick vital fluid into her aching throat

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