Controversy: Opinions on Donald Trump

Being Americans, our greatest advantage is freedom of speech. I am with those who believe our system is corrupt. It amazes me how so many are blinded by the horrors taken place in our own back yards. Most people, however, are prone to turn their sight towards a different direction. If it doesn’t involve them directly they are completely turning their backs. One day it might be your family in need of a stranger’s help, it is good to keep that in mind. Don’t let pride get in the way of your moralities. We live to loyal to the idea of “out of sight out of mind”.

Call me skeptical, but I find difficulty in believing that a person [no matter how big of an epiphany] is capable of changing their stripes one night to another. If we notice Donald Trump has always been someone with much arrogance. Who can blame him, the man is worth more than Barrack Obama himself. Handing someone who lacks so much humbleness that much power is a complete recipe for disaster. I am far from rich, I struggle to make ends meet like most Americans. Even those who have gone to college and have achieved a successful career are still in debt, drowning in school loans that will not get paid off for another ten years. Let’s be honest, will Mr. Trump really give a damn about the middle and lower class individuals who struggle with reality on the daily basis? Can a man who wouldn’t be able to relate to what it’s like waking up to only a gallon a milk in your refrigerator and a jar of peanut butter in your cupboard, be able to keep this country from spirling down. All those who have patronized our president, blaming him for issues that we already had before his election, have no idea what it’s like to manage a country. Unless, you are a former president yourself. In my opinion not many could of done that good of a job with lemons he was giving. Hey, damned if you do damned if you don’t. It is the biggest impossibility to be able to please the billions of individuals residing in the USA.

This country is already corrupt as is the entire world. The only difference is that other countries don’t try to hide behind the media, monitoring and editing to bend reality. Only showing what the people want to see concealing the truth like a bad batch of foundation. You only see one side of the tale as oppose to the actual events. Do we really want man who encourages outrage, instigating fights and provoking protestesters to express their rage with drastic negativity, to have total power of our homes? It’s no wonder we have such a negative reputation. Violence is slowly taken us down, we don’t need an alien invasion, our people will wipe each other out. The only country who can’t stand together and unify. Donald Trump will only continue to tear this country apart, failing to make all those false promises and trying to strip away all minorities and women’s rights. Have you forgotten where you came from? Doesn’t matter your race, color, beliefs we all came from a woman. Weather she was a good mother or not, only a woman was able to bare, then birth you into existence. Could us women put ourselves on back burners, as if we are any less than a man?

I am Hispanic, my family came from Puerto Rico a couple generations ago. From my dad’s side I was first born generation in the States, second generation born from my mother’s side. For those of you who are not aware, P.R is in fact USA land. Although the island is ran by a slightly different government system, we do not need a pass port in order to travel to and from the island. Not all Hispanics are Mexicans, however we are the Latino community. Our dialogue may be a bit different, but all Hispanics (Cubans, Dominicans, Salvadorians, Guatemalans, Columbians and so on)  will stand by each other.

My seven year old son came home from school one day last week and tells me “Mom, I don’t want Donald Trump to be elected as our new president.” I asked my child why he felt that way, not that I could of blame him [I don’t shield my children away from the news] ,but he responds with sincere saddened eyes, “MY friend is Mexican and I don’t want him to have to go back to his country.” Any one who is a parent can tell you there is nothing worst than a discouraged child. “What can we do, mom?” How could I have answered that? I wanted to tell him that’s not our future, but I can’t be sure. What would you say if that was your child’s concern? Why should my second grader be afraid to loose his friend because of where they are from? Doesn’t this sound familiar as if history was repeating itself, let’s go back sixty years ago when a the brown skin girl wasn’t allowed to befriend the pale toned one. If we go back three hundred years ago, this land was stolen from the Natives, so aren’t we all immagrants. Unless you are a descendant from the Navajo tribe, I can’t imagine why you find yourself to be so superior.

Yes, money talks. We are all familiar with the phrase. The billionaire has a great advantage because as long as there is money, people will be bribed. People are greedy and if they could be bought, they are the first to auction themselves. The only way we can ever overcome such a disaster from happening is working together. If all those opposed to Trump voted against him, we might have a shot to win WW3 before it begins (or gets provoked). There isn’t a doubt in my mind that Donald Trump will piss off someone who possesses nuclear weapons and then who do you think will be collateral damage? While the billionaire with his secret service will be tucked away on a deserted island, we will be left behind to fend for ourselves. Let’s not take away opportunities from the woman who fought so hard to give her children a better life, or the man who gave up his family to work hard in order to support them, much less the child who came to a better place to become someone more than a market vendor. America is a land of dreams, who knows maybe that immigrant, weather from Mexico, India, or China will be the person who saves your life one day.


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