Exotic Paradise

__Aniya finds much more than just a beautiful beach in Jamaica while on her trip for a wedding. It’s not everyday you meet the most exquisite man. An exotic adventure, not even she could ever dream of, but can lust turn into love? His piercing crystal eyes mesmerizing and she unable to break from his trance. Aniya is more than willing to discover what he has to offer. Sexy, hot and exotic the hardest part is having to leave paradise.__


“Standing out from everyone else, at least to me anyway, we become drawn to each other like magnets as he strides over to us the second he spots us entering the room. My feet are glued to the floor and I can’t move even forgetting how to breath , I just smile until he stops a couple steps away from me. He takes my hand bringing it to his lips brushing them against my knuckles before flashing an alluring smirk.”


“He inhales the last of the ganja and kisses me ,blowing the smoke into my mouth. I continue to kiss him pushing him down into the sand. His hands are in my hair while responding to my kiss. Before I know it, his hand is up my dress rubbing me good.”


My short-story is availableĀ FREE with Kindle Unlimited!!






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