Exotic Paradise

—Aniya finds much more than just a beautiful beach in Jamaica while on her trip for a wedding. It’s not everyday you meet the most exquisite man. An exotic adventure, not even she could ever dream of, but can lust turn into love? His piercing crystal eyes mesmerizing and she unable to break from his trance. Aniya is more than willing to discover what he has to offer. Sexy, hot and exotic the hardest part is having to leave paradise.—


”       “Du yuh like ah?” His hot breath on my ear makes me bite my lip. Turning around I place my hands on his face and respond to his question.
“It’s absolutely exquisite. I love it. I’ve never thought I’d ever see a waterfall in person. It’s much more fascinating than photos.” I caress his cheek with my thumb feeling the course stubble underneath my finger-tip. “Thank you.”
I kiss him on the cheek. Slow and soft. He takes my hands from his face and wraps my arms around him. He puts his hands behind my head leaning in to me. I close my eyes expecting a kiss on my lips instead I feel his lips brush my cheek. I move my head slightly to the side and he kisses me again closer to my lips. I move my head an inch more and his lips find mine. He kisses me passionately our heads in twine as our tongue dance their own kind of dutty wine. We kiss and kiss causing me to grow wet between my legs. Without parting we sink down to a large patch of soft grass. His hand touches my ankle feeling up my leg lifting my dress as he goes. I don’t stop him wanting him keep going. I unbutton his shirt with one free hand as the other feels for his length. I’m gasping for air as the fire of my desires go up in flames. I want him bad.”

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