fantasy, horror, mermaid


My brian does the thinking. My body does the movement. My tail waves with the currents. All one fluent movement. I swim like the dolphines. My largest fin swaying up and down behind me.

The reef is decorated with the brilliant corrals. Painted with shades of orange, red, yellow, pink and blue.

There is a lot of blue. My home is this bright ultramarine world. Every shade imaginable. And late at night, when the big yellow star is away, it is the indigo sheet that falls upon us.

That is my favorite time of all. That is when we will hunt.

A family of stingrays comes into view. About 500 feet I’ll say. My brain thinks, body moves ninety-degree angle. I’ll swim above them.

Takes seconds to intersect. As plan they swam below me. My arm outstretched below as I passed I feel their sleak backs caress my fingertips. I love to pet them.

Careful with the stingers. My arm retreats back to my side remembering what had happened last time.

I am almost to my destination. Wonder if anyone is there yet or will I be first? The height of the big yellow star and the shades of the corals tell me I am early. I will beat my sisters.

I slow my tempo. Keeping my body graceful. Feeling the ocean as she enters through my sides. It pumps through my body giving me exactly what I need. I enjoy this feeling. The surface? Not as much, I must admit.

Avoiding the sharks’ lair, I swim through the other side of the coral cave. Entering through, I spot the shark with the long horizontal head.

Those are the strange shaped ones with eyes so far apart, I could only go unseen if I hide within the corals.

My body is blue like the ocean. It changes when she changes. My tail, is different with shades of rose and violet.

The corals hide me. It is where we can go unseen from those who prey on us.

I am closer now. Below me the big ships sunken by the storms. I laugh to myself. The storms. I quicken my pace, once I am safe from the sharks. I pass more ships along the way.

The water becomes shallow. The rocks multiply. The enormous rocks making up the shore of a cliff. Here I will wait for my sisters. It is where we join together on all nights the moon is whole.

I am first as always. Feeling proud, I intake a gush of the water surrounding me into my body before surfaceing.

I embrace myself emerging slowly. At first when the air touches my scales it feels like broken shells.

Then my cursed body adjusts to the tempature. My body intakes the air and replacing my ocean closes my gills. Two holes then appear at my snought. The air flows through with natural ease, I settle a top a rock the water crashing against it.

Soon enough my beautiful sisters begin to appear. At first I saw her tail. The water glistened, the orange too bright to miss.

Then there was more mutli-colored diamonds sparkling in the ocean.

Their tales splashing. Some jumping in the air. There are personal ways of adjusting to the air.

Soon our flock was complete with a couple still making it in.

I have 37 sisters. I hatched first breaking reaking through the sack with my tail. That has put me in charge ever since and continues each time we all are united.

The marine blue color that paints our upper bodies lightens a bit combing with the colors of the bright yellow star, the men named sun, as it sunk behind the ocean.

The water has turned into the color of octupus ink. Dark violet capturing the dark spots where the sun cannot touch.

After we all greet. The night then welcomed itself and brought along astonishment. Tonight she is so brilliant, so full of magic. The moon is perfect.

Not much needs to be done. We do as our ansesters did. All we do is sing.

The air now fills me up with melody. Out my mouth a tune erupts. My sisters follow.

The ocean awakens. The sky cracks. A ray breaks through ripping the waters.

The sea begins to sway while the sky cries. Our storm in mists of creation.

Our song continues. We are unharmed by the wild waters right on the edge of our santuary.

Within our pool the waters remain calm. The sky is clear above our heads.

However, just feet away the storm is at its most violent. Then I soften my voice.

And together we hush the storm. As abrubt as she came, she left and then all was peaceful. She served us well.

I change our melody. A new tune begins. This one more lethal as we lure in our prey.

Now we wait for them as they fight to resist our song. They fight in vain there is no escape for them here. They won’t be saved.

I could smell the bark that their ship is made of. Wet from the water both below and that fell on to them.

I could smell them too. The warmth in their bodies. Their musky scent. I could even sense the fear they had from the storm and despair from not knowing their whereabouts. Then terror crept like all those before them after realizing they are in a trance. A muscle goes unmoved without our say. Once they spot us they fall in, become mezmorized. All else subsides, it is our mercy to them.

Feeling what they feel is part of our curse. It makes us aware of the song we sing. It guides us letting us know we are hunting correctly.

I can see their ship coming in and we make our way back in the ocean. But what they see is what the song makes them see.

They see their own kind. A man described me once as a maiden from his home. He said I had long black locks and something called breasts. He asked why I was bare. That he has never known a greater beauty.

We try not to communicate with them. Just eat, but I wanted to know. We could just hear them if we want. Understand them all. Although they are all so different. All from different worlds. We can get in their heads, see the things they have seen.

But we just know what they speak. We adapt to their native tongues. Because we casted the melody upon them, we broke inside their heads.

We appeal to the men by becoming their weakness. By becoming their fantasy, we lure them into the cliffs wrecking their ships and spilling their treaures.

They are still tranced, their minds trapped withing the weeds of our tune. About a hundred of them, as the ship begins to sink. For some panic begins setting in, but their bodies unable to move.

My first one falls in front of me and I break the trance for him. Revealing the true display of the beautiful creature I am. His face becomes distorted with horror. I might be smirking as I bare my sharp teeth and plunge them into his soft warm flesh.


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