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Exotic Paradise

—Aniya finds much more than just a beautiful beach in Jamaica while on her trip for a wedding. It’s not everyday you meet the most exquisite man. An exotic adventure, not even she could ever dream of, but can lust turn into love? His piercing crystal eyes mesmerizing and she unable to break from his trance. Aniya is more than willing to discover what he has to offer. Sexy, hot and exotic the hardest part is having to leave paradise.—


”¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† “Du yuh like ah?” His hot breath on my ear makes me bite my lip. Turning around I place my hands on his face and respond to his question.
“It’s absolutely exquisite. I love it. I’ve never thought I’d ever see a waterfall in person. It’s much more fascinating than photos.” I caress his cheek with my thumb feeling the course stubble underneath my finger-tip. “Thank you.”
I kiss him on the cheek. Slow and soft. He takes my hands from his face and wraps my arms around him. He puts his hands behind my head leaning in to me. I close my eyes expecting a kiss on my lips instead I feel his lips brush my cheek. I move my head slightly to the side and he kisses me again closer to my lips. I move my head an inch more and his lips find mine. He kisses me passionately our heads in twine as our tongue dance their own kind of dutty wine. We kiss and kiss causing me to grow wet between my legs. Without parting we sink down to a large patch of soft grass. His hand touches my ankle feeling up my leg lifting my dress as he goes. I don’t stop him wanting him keep going. I unbutton his shirt with one free hand as the other feels for his length. I’m gasping for air as the fire of my desires go up in flames. I want him bad.”

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Exotic Paradise

__Aniya finds much more than just a beautiful beach in Jamaica while on her trip for a wedding. It’s not everyday you meet the most exquisite man. An exotic adventure, not even she could ever dream of, but can lust turn into love? His piercing crystal eyes mesmerizing and she unable to break from his trance. Aniya is more than willing to discover what he has to offer. Sexy, hot and exotic the hardest part is having to leave paradise.__


“Standing out from everyone else, at least to me anyway, we become drawn to each other like magnets as he strides over to us the second he spots us entering the room. My feet are glued to the floor and I can’t move even forgetting how to breath , I just smile until he stops a couple steps away from me. He takes my hand bringing it to his lips brushing them against my knuckles before flashing an alluring smirk.”


“He inhales the last of the ganja and kisses me ,blowing the smoke into my mouth. I continue to kiss him pushing him down into the sand. His hands are in my hair while responding to my kiss. Before I know it, his hand is up my dress rubbing me good.”


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Controversy: Opinions on Donald Trump

Being Americans, our greatest advantage is freedom of speech. I am with those who believe our system is corrupt. It amazes me how so many are blinded by the horrors taken place in our own¬†back yards. Most people, however, are prone to turn their sight towards a different direction. If it doesn’t involve them directly they are completely turning their backs. One day it might be your family in¬†need of a stranger’s help, it is good to keep that in mind. Don’t let pride get in the way of your moralities.¬†We live to loyal to the idea of “out of¬†sight out of mind”.

Call me skeptical, but¬†I find difficulty in believing¬†that a person [no matter how big of an epiphany]¬†is capable of changing their stripes one¬†night to another. If we notice Donald Trump has always been someone with much arrogance. Who can blame him, the man is worth more than Barrack Obama himself. Handing someone who lacks so much humbleness that much power is a complete recipe for disaster. I am far from rich, I struggle to make ends meet like most Americans. Even those who have gone to college and have¬†achieved a successful¬†career are still in debt,¬†drowning in¬†school loans that will not get paid off for another ten years.¬†Let’s be honest,¬†will Mr. Trump really give a damn about the middle and lower class individuals who struggle with reality on the daily basis?¬†Can a man who¬†wouldn’t be able to relate to¬†what it’s like¬†waking up to only a gallon a milk in your refrigerator and a jar of peanut butter in your cupboard, be able to keep this country from spirling down. All those who have¬†patronized our president, blaming him for issues that we already had before his election, have no idea what it’s like to manage a country. Unless, you are a former president yourself.¬†In my opinion not many could of done that good of a job with lemons he was giving. Hey, damned if you do damned if you don’t. It is the biggest impossibility to be able to please¬†the billions of individuals¬†residing in the¬†USA.

This country is already corrupt as is¬†the entire world. The only difference is that other countries don’t try to hide behind the media, monitoring and editing to bend reality. Only showing what the people want to see concealing the truth like a bad batch of foundation. You¬†only see one side of¬†the tale as oppose to the actual events.¬†Do we really want man who encourages outrage, instigating fights and¬†provoking protestesters to express their rage with drastic negativity,¬†to¬†have total power of our homes?¬†It’s no wonder we have such¬†a negative reputation. Violence is slowly taken us down, we don’t need an alien invasion, our people will wipe each other out. The only country who can’t stand together and¬†unify. Donald Trump will only continue to tear this country apart,¬†failing to make¬†all those false promises and trying to strip¬†away all minorities and women’s rights. Have you forgotten where you came from? Doesn’t matter your race, color, beliefs we all came from¬†a woman. Weather she was a good mother or not, only a woman was able to¬†bare, then birth you into existence.¬†Could us women¬†put¬†ourselves¬†on back burners, as if we are any less than a man?

I am Hispanic,¬†my family came from Puerto Rico a¬†couple generations ago. From my dad’s side I was first born generation in the States, second generation born from my mother’s side.¬†For those of you who¬†are not aware, P.R is in fact USA land. Although¬†the island is ran by a slightly different government system, we do not need a¬†pass port¬†in order¬†to¬†travel to and from the island. Not all Hispanics are Mexicans, however we are the Latino community. Our dialogue may be a bit different, but all Hispanics (Cubans, Dominicans, Salvadorians, Guatemalans, Columbians and so on)¬† will stand by each other.

My¬†seven year old son came home¬†from school one day last week and tells me “Mom, I don’t want Donald Trump to be elected as our new president.” I asked my¬†child why he felt that way, not that I could of blame him [I don’t shield my children away from the news]¬†,but he responds with sincere saddened eyes,¬†“MY friend is¬†Mexican and I don’t want him to have to go back to his country.” Any one who is a parent can tell you there is nothing worst than a discouraged child. “What can we do, mom?”¬†How could I have answered that? I wanted to tell him that’s not our future, but I can’t be sure.¬†What would you say if that was your child’s concern? Why should my second grader be afraid to loose his friend because of where they are from? Doesn’t this sound familiar as if history was repeating itself, let’s¬†go back¬†sixty years ago when a the brown skin girl wasn’t allowed to befriend the pale toned one.¬†If we go back three hundred years ago, this land was stolen from the Natives, so aren’t we all immagrants. Unless you are a descendant from the Navajo tribe, I can’t imagine why you find yourself to be so superior.

Yes, money talks. We are all familiar with the phrase.¬†The billionaire has a great advantage¬†because as long as there is money, people will¬†be bribed. People are greedy and if they could be bought, they are the¬†first to auction themselves. The only way we can ever overcome such a disaster from happening¬†is working together. If all those¬†opposed to Trump voted against him, we might have a shot to win WW3 before it begins (or gets provoked). There isn’t a doubt in my mind that Donald Trump will piss off someone who possesses¬†nuclear weapons¬†and then who do you think will¬†be collateral damage? While¬†the billionaire with his secret service will be tucked away on a deserted island, we will be left behind to fend for ourselves. Let’s not take away opportunities from the woman who fought so hard to give her children a better life,¬†or the¬†man who gave up his family to work hard¬†in order to¬†support them, much less¬†the child who came to a better place to become someone more than a market vendor. America is a land of dreams, who knows maybe that immigrant, weather from Mexico, India, or China will be the person who saves your life one day.

Being Mom



With the date to honor mothers being just around the corner I wanted to beat the crowd with my Mother’s day post. My youngest child turned six years old this week and my eldest will be eight ¬†before summer is over. I had my boys early in life, younger ¬†than most woman do. Without revealing my age, I will tell you that I was a teen mom before MTV’S Pregnant & sixteen had aired its first show. In those days young women like myself would say “Oh no, that will NEVER happen to me.”As I saw close friends bare their own I was bias to the epidemic that was on the rise. Here’s the thing, life is full of surprises and even though I was careful ,at that age abstinence should of ¬†been the only thing I should of ¬†been practicing.

A first time mother can never be fully prepared for the journey that follows after having a baby. It doesn’t matter if you’re seventeen or thirty-three, it is always scary with so many worries beginning with morning sickness and beyond breast-feeding. The questions are endless and there are millions of “what-ifs” scenarios that cross your mind. Even after reading every parenting book at the library or magazine displayed at the gyno’s waiting area, experience is the only way you will know how to care for your unique little human being. To be honest, had it not been for my own mother I would of been completely clue-less. I thank God for her efforts in attempting to raise me through the right path, the¬†poor judgement was all me. My mom had been a teenage mother as well, despite her best intentions I ended up following in her steps.

At the naive age where adolescents believe to have reached adulthood, they fail to realize that a teenager is simply the transition stage to becoming an adult from a child. There is so much to live during your high school years. Even though at the moment four years seems like along time, looking back it really wasn’t. Things my friends without kids had been able to do, I could because I was home with my child planning our future. Out of everything, as cliche’ as it is, prom was one thing I wish I could of attended. I don’t regret ¬†my kids because they gave me life. It was just way too early timing during a crucial time in my youth. Most people think negative of teen mothers, granted there has been plenty screwed up ones, but then there are those who have been able to see the wonder of it all defying the odds.

Instead of wanting to give up on life I focused on my education wanting nothing¬†than¬†the best for my children, as any mother would. Having a toddler and an infant, at the time, I stood up endless nights studying and doing homework taking a break for the baby’s mid-night feeding. The next morning, I’d get them ready and send them off to daycare right before dawn still being dark out¬†so I can get myself to school on time. ¬†With hard work and dedication, I managed to get my Medical Assistant certificate. There’s nothing greater than having your children witness you¬†accomplish something because if mommy¬†can do it ,then that means they could do anything their little heart’s desire.

Many people think teen moms are likely to fail at parenting, but it isn’t as if there’s an instruction manual that comes with your newborn baby. To be quite honest, a bad mother can be any age or race for that matter. So when my parent-teacher conference came around and I received exceptional reports from both teachers (especially for my second grader who has been diagnosed with ADHD since the age of five) to me that’s more than rewarding. I literally couldn’t be prouder. I may be tough on my children, but¬†hadn’t I¬†been perhaps they wouldn’t be as respectful and kind. My kids do know better, but it hasn’t been easy raising them on my own teaching them right from wrong. After graduating I had moved out of my mother’s place then it was just the boys and I. It was most challenging because I had to learn how to be a boy. I learned to play with hot-wheel¬†cars, watch the ninja turtles, and don’t get me started on potty training. When they ¬†fall and scrape a knee they were taught to get back up and brush it off after a kiss to make it better. Nothing like Mommy’s¬†“magical boo-boo disappearing” kisses that make¬†the pain go away.

Thankfully, I have met someone who has accepted my little family. The help is much appreciated and he has adapted well to our chaotic life loving my kids as if they were his own. The love I feel for my children is as any mother can best describe it, ¬†something much bigger than simple words could define. My personal goal is to give them as many tools so they can be the happiest they could ever be. So that they are able to use better judgement than I did and focus on their education and own personal goals. ¬†For them to build a ¬†future before having their own family only because I want them to be successful providers. Most important for them to grow up to be the gentlemen that their generation will so desperately need.They have already learned that brothers should be best friends so whenever momma is not around they’ll have each other no matter what. All I can promise ¬†them is that I always try my best doing all I can for their best interests. Like my mother and hers before, through prayers and guidance is how I will be able to be the wonder mom they see in me. The most important thing is that at the end of it all they turn out to be good people with morals and ethics.

The Virus

Traffic was unbelievable this Saturday morning. It seemed as if everyone had somewhere to go. I tried to reach my husband and daughter various times since last night after the medical conference I was attending, abruptly got called off. It was as if every doctor was needed back at their practices, especially in the E.R departments. I had flown out Thursday night, taking yesterday completely off. Now, due to some kind of illness, an increasing number of patients had suddenly swamped the hospitals. There had been some talk among-st us that based on the analyzes, an epidemic of rabies may have been unleashed. Many of us have considered that, perhaps mosquitoes have been a transferring host since most reports have been coming from the Southern states. I’ve been working in the E.R for the past six months, since the move to Delaware, so I had been paged as well. Flights were sold out preventing me from moving my scheduled flight for tomorrow night any closer forcing me the drive home. I continued trying to reach my family, but the circuits remained busy so I tossed my phone into my purse and embraced the highway.
It took me a dragging ten hours to finally get home, my phone died half way into the unplanned road trip and since I couldn’t get a signal anyways,  I didn’t bother to stop for a charger. I opened the front door and stepped inside. The sun was now setting and the orange rays poured in from the open blinds.

“I’m home.” I announced to my little family, but I didn’t hear scurrying feet come greet me. I wonder where they could of gone. The sunken feeling in the pit of my stomach ached, for it had been throbbing for hours because I haven’t been able to hear my loves’ voices. I dropped the luggage by the door and headed upstairs, after plugging my phone in the charger, for a much-needed shower in the master bedroom.

Once I was dressed in a pair of jeans and t-shirt, I decided to go out and look for them. Maybe they had gone to my mother-in-law’s house to make sure she was okay. Maybe the phone lines had been affected here too. I finished getting ready throwing on my tennis shoes and headed back downstairs towards the kitchen, I forgot when was the last time I ate. I flipped through the channels on the little TV I kept on the counter and for some reason the television dish must of fallen off the roof again because I was only able to get a local news channel as it presented a list of symptoms on the blue screen; “Rabies Symptoms may include,but are not limited to: Fever, Redness or swelling on the wound site, possible foaming of the mouth…” The invisible reporter’s monotone voice  read as the next bullet was revealed. I knew it, the biting was a dead give away. I really wish my husband had thought about leaving me a note, but he wouldn’t of expected me to be home until tomorrow. I was in too much of a rush to finish watching the news so I shut off the TV and walked away not feeling hungry anymore.

It was quiet for a May evening, I looked around and some homes were completely dark despite it not even being nine o’clock yet. As I slid into the car I can see that my neighbor’s front door was left wide open. One foot inside the rental, the other remaining on the ground while I hesitated whether to go check on her or not, but the will to find my own family won the debate so I brought my leg in before shutting the door then turning the key in the ignition.
My in-law’s place was about ten minutes away I got there a little sooner avoiding all the main roads. I tried calling their cells and house phone, but again no luck with them either. My husband’s car was parked outside on the curb in front of the house. Relief washed over me in an instant.

After parking my car behind his Corolla I went up the porch steps and knocked on the door no one came to open the door. I juggled the knob, but it was locked so I went back around to the garage. Fortunately, the door leading into the home was unlock which was surprising since the garage had been left open and it was already night out. I stepped inside through the dark kitchen calling out my in-law’s names. “Ally? Fred? Are you home?” I listened for a response, but didn’t hear anyone. “It’s Hannah. Ally?” Still, just how it had been at home no one came to greet me. I proceeded to walk into the house going around the isle in the middle of the dark kitchen when I slipped on something that had been spilled all over the tile floor. I landed hard on my ass, failing to brace my fall gasping in a gush of air as I went. I pull my phone out of my pocket with the warm sticky fluid on my hands. wondering what on earth I had landed on, I instantly regretted not flicking the light switch on when I came in. As I touched the screen searching for the flashlight icon the red fingerprints I left on the glowing screen sent a chill up my spine. The bright light went on and my biggest fear of what the thick liquid could of been was confirmed. In the middle of the kitchen was a puddle of blood underneath my legs. I held on to the counter for support as I scrambled up to my feet, my legs weak as my stomach churned. I lifted my trembling hand pointing the light towards the floor and seeing there was more blood leading into the living room so I ran to switch the kitchen light on before I went any further.

I traced the smears hearing nothing but the drum of my heart pulsing in my ears, a strangled screech escaped my lips as I saw her laying on the floor face down on the blood-soaked carpet. Ally was in her nightgown with empty milky eyes staring wide open into some unseen abyss, sanguine fluid had streamed from the gaping hole on her forehead forming a pool around her head. My hand was over my mouth while pushing my body forward stumbling to where she laid. Knowing I had been too late, I just sunk down on my knees, the sobs began ripping through me. From what I can see she had two more bullet wounds. One at the nape of her neck, that had to of been done in close range and another on her thigh.
“Hannah.” I’ve heard that voice hundreds of times before and never had my name sounded so beautiful. I whipped my head up to find my husband standing by the hall on the opposite side of the room. He was a mess, though I haven’t seen him in just a day he looks as if he hadn’t slept in weeks with deep dark circles underneath his eyes, his forehead also glistened with perspiration. I noticed the blood smeared on his face and more on the grey thermal he wore, but nothing could prepare me when I noticed the caliber in his right hand hanging by his waist while the other one put pressure over what looked to be a severe wound on his shoulder.
“What happened Jake?” I couldn’t help my voice cracking as I struggled to make my lips move. Jacob went to his knees besides me as he hugged me sobbing into my neck. I held him not knowing what else to do needing the condolences myself. After a minute he lifted his head, stress lines creased his forehead making him age instantly, he was extremely hot to the touch. Was he was running a fever?

“Oh, baby. I didn’t know what to do. I came over when I couldn’t get a hold of them.” He took a deep breath as the tears crept down his stubbed cheeks, “Mom was suppose to come over for dinner, but she never came and when I show up here…” He couldn’t finish as the flashback of what ever he found flooded his vision, “Dad was dead and so was mom, but then she wasn’t because even though, I checked her pulse she…she… Hannah she came back.”

As if finding my mother-in-law’s dead body wasn’t enough, now I feared my husband had completely lost his mind, so I tried again ,”Honey, listen to me you’re not making any sense. Where’s Emy,  Jake?” I looked around wanting to get up but he held me down.
“I know it sounds crazy, Hannah, but listen to me. Dad shot mom and then he killed himself. I found them in the room and I came downstairs to check on Emily trying to get through nine-one-one. I couldn’t just leave, I didn’t know what to do.” He struggled with his words in between sobs, ” I was making Emily something to eat when I heard her call out to her grandmother. I ran in here and there she was.” My head swirled as he continued to tell me how he shot Ally on the leg first with the gun he had brought along with him from home. We had kept it by our night stand in case we ever had a home invasion. Ally had tried to attack our daughter and even though Emy managed to get away his mother scratched her arm on the way down,”then I had to do it Hannah.” Another sob ripped through his lips,”I had to do it, she would of bitten Emily, but it was too late anyways. It was too late. I’m so sorry, baby. I couldn’t protect her.” His shoulders quivered uncontrollably.
“What are you talking about Jacob? Did Ally bite you? What happened to your shoulder sweetheart? Please tell me where our daughter is.” I attempted to calm him down as I tried to pry away his hand from the wound to inspect the damage and possible infection, but he didn’t want to show me instead he looked into my eyes sorrow announced deep within them.
“I don’t know where she is, Hannah. She got very sick and I couldn’t take her to the hospital. The news said not to. There’s a broadcast on repeat with symptoms and then they tell you not to go to the hospitals because there isn’t a cure for this thing. The hospital have shut down. So I waited telling myself that she was going to be okay, but when she stopped breathing…” My heart skipped a beat when he said the last two words in unison. My head felt light as if I was going to pass out clutching a hand to my chest I bent over and heaved. Nothing, but bile rose from my empty stomach spilling over onto the beige carpet.
“Where is she?” I could taste bitterness in my throat mixed together with the salt of my tears as I held on to his gaze pleading for an answer.
“I don’t know. I ran downstairs with her searching for the keys. When I finally found them I felt her stirring in my arms,but she wasn’t as warm as she was before. She had been burning with fever all day, nothing was keeping it down. I had hoped that maybe her fever subsided.” My wounded husband dropped his eyes from mine staring down at his hands instead, whispering the words barely audible, “She opened her eyes, I couldn’t see them though. Then, without warning she just bit my shoulder and I accidentally dropped her. I tried talking to her, but she couldn’t hear me. I was scared, that wasn’t our baby. She ran after me and I locked myself in the bathroom.” I strained to listen to him, the pain in his voice reflected what I felt in my heart. “I didn’t hear her after awhile so assumed she must of gotten outside. If it hadn’t been that I heard you I would of never wanted to come out of there.” He peered up towards me.

“Jake there wasn’t any doors left open when I came in.” I stammered in a small shaking voice.                         

     “We need to go now, Hannah.” He managed as hysteria threatening to break free.

Suddenly I heard a shuffling of feet coming from the kitchen.  Looking up, I caught sight of my young daughter. Her presence was bitter-sweet, my motherly instinct happy to see her longing  face, but her disturbing appearance vanished all relief while I noticed the gore that ruined her pretty pink and teal dress.
“My baby.” Was all I could manage as I saw what had been left of my sweet little girl. I made a move to go to her, but felt a restraining grasp on the back of my shirt. My husband was muttering something behind me that sounded like It’s not her, speaking so low he could of been talking to himself. Emily stared at us as a blind man might peer over a menu, she didn’t see us. She looked disoriented, cocking her head to the side slowly closing the space between us with small steps. My arms reached out to her, I’m sure if she at least felt my touch she may come around. We could take her to the hospital and she will be fine. I tried to stand, but Jacob wouldn’t budge, his grip just holding on tighter. Let go I wanted to yell at him, but I just couldn’t even form those two little words. Once she was within reach, Emy hissed at me snarling right before launching towards my face, baring her tiny teeth underneath lips stained with her father’s own blood. Not even then did I recoil away from my child, wanting nothing more than to have my sick daughter in my arms so that I can just soothe her.

POP! POP! The sound was so loud instantly deafening me. My eyes had automatically shut closed at the first shot, my hands had arisen shielding my ringing ears.
Hesitating, I slowly opened my eyes feeling the splatters of blood, hot on my face. Her body laid facing down on the carpet just as her grandmother’s remained a few inches away from us. “AHHHHHH!” I yelled so loud, I felt my eyes would bulge out of my head as my throat went raw. I started sobbing again crawling over to her, hovering over her small forty pound body not knowing how I could cradle her.

“What have you done Jake?” I began to wail staring at my husband who was frozen with horror. I could see as he tried to compose himself, frantically shaking his head while his body shivered before rising unsteadily to his feet. He took a couple steps towards us  extending his hand to me, he mumbles,”You have to go, Hannah.” Reluctantly, I took his hand letting him help me to my feet, my legs felt as if they were made of rubber. I noticed he said YOU instead of WE unlike before in the same moment that he placed the caliber in my hand. He kissed my forehead while stroking my hair, the chokes of our sobs echoing through the hallway. I broke off, “Please Jacob, there must be another way. I can’t do this alone.”

“I will not be the one to kill you. I do not want to become like mom or..” He couldn’t finish what he was about to say. “You need to be strong baby. Get out of the city as soon as possible. Run and don’t look back, don’t hesitate. I love you, we will always be with you.” I couldn’t look at him, my vision was blurred with the tears cascading my cheeks.

“Always be with me. I love you.” My voice was shaking, it was too surreal I just couldn’t wrap my head around what was happening. He wouldn’t allow me to kiss him but he couldn’t keep me from wrapping my arms around him. He held me tight before detaching himself away from me. Jacob brought our hands along with the gun in unison to his temple, smiling briefly looking down at me before squeezing the trigger with my index. One last POP roared through the living room and I was alone in the middle of the tragic massacre of my family covered in blood splatter that had belonged to my daughter and now my husband.